Domestic or International phone service!



As you know, cell phone plans are available in various shapes and sizes and of course prices. With the accurate information, you can select the best choice for you. The following guidelines will make it easier for you to choose the best and most economical plan for your requirements.

Consider some of the following questions before making a decision on the various cell phone plans:

1. When will you use the phone most of the time? During the day, after hours, all the time?

2. How many minutes a day will you spend talking on the phone?

3. Will the phone be used as my primary means of communication, or as a supplement to a fixed line?

4. Will you need to contact overseas numbers on a regular basis?

5. How long are you prepared to commit to one service provider?

6. Where in the country will the phone be used?

7. What features do you need on your phone?

Having a clear understanding, makes it easier to choose the various cell phone plans that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Monthly Plans
Always verify what the time commitment is, when you are comparing cell phone plans. The majority of providers will offer a minimum 12 months contract, basically locking you in for that time with their service plan.

The choice of actual provider is best made by weighing up a balance of coverage area, cost per call or minute and the equipment offered. The higher cost plans are usually cheaper per call if you use the phone a lot. They also offer better equipment, mostly for free to go with your plan. So always first check out everything that is on offer before deciding, as you will have to live with it for a while.

Look at special features incorporated into the contract as well. Some sellers provide rollover minutes, per second billing etc etc. These additional features may indeed be of great value to you.

Prepaid Plans
These are designed for people with special needs or circumstances. Generally they do not require a credit check, or minimum monthly income as is the case with the monthly contracts. There are plans that do not incorporate a phone, enabling you to use a phone that you may already own.

The cost per minute is usually higher than with a monthly cell phone contract as well. This makes this type of connection really only economically suitable for low usage callers. Prepaid cell phone plans can however save you a lot of money, if you are a casual user only. The main advantage is that you are not caught up in minimum monthly contract charges. Also, since there is no contract, you can stop paying whenever you wish, and resume when you require a phone again. The only downfall is a probable re-connection and setting up charge.

If you have a bad credit history, or a non fixed income, this may however be a useful option. For budgeting purposes, you are also limiting your total expenses, as you cannot go over the amount you have already paid. You may of course top this up, and carry on using your phone. This feature gives you a lot more control over your monthly expenditure.

In summary, different cell phone plans have different advantages and disadvantages. Your lifestyle, financial situation and personal tastes indicate the precise plan ideally suited to you.

Take the time to evaluate your needs first. Then look at the plans on offer. You will make a wiser and more cost effective choice in your cell phone plan that way.