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We Buy Used Phones

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  • Use the search bar to find your phone or browse smartphones and tablets
  • Enter the phone’s condition to get the offer price
  • Click the SELL NOW button to go to checkout and get your free shipping kit
  • You can sell as many devices as you want all in the same order!

  1. Ship it to us. We pay the shipping out of our pocket, not yours!
    • All orders have USPS option for shipping kit to be sent to you with prepaid label attached
    • Orders over $200 get the option to print a Fedex Overnight Label but no kit will be sent.
      • You can tape the label on any box or padded envelope or even take it to Fedex with you!
    • Crazy Fast:   Fedex orders get to us in 1 business day
    • Medium Fast:   USPS orders get to us in 3-5 business days
    • You get will select your shipping option on the Accept Offer page.
  2. Get paid!
    • We offer PayPal or Check for payment
    • Fast:   PayPal takes 24-48 hours to be paid after we inspect your device
    • Medium Fast:   Checks get mailed out 2 days after inspecting your device